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The Durbanville Heritage Society is a heritage information and educational resource in the Tygerberg region. Our policy is to make the information on our site available to as many people as possible. There are various types of information on our site so please read the terms and conditions below before reproducing any material found on this site.

Use of DHS material:

We have three types of information on our site:    Articles and images produced or owned by the Durbanville Heritage Society,  Work in the public domain e.g. out-of-print books, informally published. books/articles  and articles/archives  we deem to belong in the public domain and  Externally created articles/theses/images that DEV has gained permission to use.

Articles and images produced or owned by the Durbanville Heritage Society:

The user may reproduce/make use of this material so long as the DHS are credited as the source of the information duly notified. Please credit us as follows: 'article name e.g. Clara Anna Fontein', Durbanville Heritage Society,

Public Domain

The user may reproduce/make use of this material with the understanding that the DHS are not responsible for the correctness, any endorsement or authorization and/or any legal action that may arise in using this information. The DHS is not responsible for  making any decisions regarding  public domain status of any material on the site. The DHS will assist users in cases of uncertainty.

External Sources

Please not that these externally created articles/theses/images on the DHS site are protected by South African copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, or otherwise published in any format, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. We will always try to supply owner details and also try to obtain permission for use from these owners. These permissions will be clearly indicated. In some cases we may not been able to trace the copy rights owners. We have included this  material on this site and, but invite anyone who can assist us with contact details to obtain formal permission.


Links to the DEV site are welcome. However we would appreciate it if you would advise our web editor of such links, so that we can inform you if locations change or if references are incorrect. Permission for republication of material from this website elsewhere on the web will not generally be granted. We prefer that you provide direct hyperlinks to the material on our site.

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